Admission criteria

In order to be able to assess both the fulfilment of the entry requirements and the selection criteria, candidates must submit a curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation for the doctoral programme. The Academic Committee of the Programme will, if it deems it appropriate, interview candidates in person or online.

By agreement of the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme, at the time of pre-enrolment, candidates must include a document signed by the supervisor of their thesis, in which he/she guarantees his/her availability for that direction (access to the document). The supervisor must be a PhD with accredited research experience. To justify this requirement must also be provided, if applicable, the document of supervision with recognized six-year research periods (access to the document) or without recognized six-year research periods (access to the document).

The Academic Committee of the Programme will decide on admission when the number of applicants to the programme who meet the admission requirements exceeds the number of places available. The following selection criteria will be taken into account:

  • Qualifications of previous studies.
  • Have completed a master's degree in research in economics or related subjects, in particular one of the following master's degrees from the universities participating in this programme:
    • Master's Degree in Research in Economics, UVa.
    • University Master's Degree in Economics: Instruments of Economic Analysis, UPV/EHU.
    • Master's Degree in Cultural Economics and Cultural Management, UVa.
    • Master's Degree in Regional and Local Economic Development and Territorial Management, UVa.
    • Master's Degree in Foreign Trade, UVa.
    • Master's Degree in European Integration, UVa.
    • Master's Degree in International Cooperation for Development, UBu, ULe, USal, UVa.
    • Master's Degree in Economic Analysis and Finance, UVa.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Spanish and English.
  • Other merits: previous research activity and professional experience.