Formative program

The defence of the doctoral thesis is undoubtedly the culmination of the doctoral studies. However, training activities are an essential part of doctoral student training. These may be transversal, proposed by the Doctoral School, or specific, proposed by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme, tutors and directors. Doctoral students may also undertake training activities on their own initiative, with the approval of their tutors and directors.

The activities to be carried out include the following:

  • Inaugurations of academic years (compulsory).
  • Information meetings (compulsory).
  • Doctoral students' conferences (compulsory).
  • Research seminars.
  • Courses and workshops.
  • Presentation of papers at scientific congresses and meetings (minimum of three during the programme).
  • Attendance at congresses.
  • Language courses (doctoral students must be able to write scientific articles in English and to present them in English).
  • Stays at prestigious foreign research centres (minimum of three months if international mention is chosen).

If it is not possible to carry out any of the aforementioned training activities, these may be compensated by other equivalent activities, with the approval of tutors and directors.